MAY 2015 UPDATE: I am so incredibly thankful to all of you who have followed my Australian adventure throughout the last six months.  I am officially back at home, on American soil!

One of the major epiphanies I had during my time abroad was how important updating this blog was to me, on a personal level.  Sharing my travels and reviews with the larger online community is incredibly humbling and I adore having this creative outlet.  Although my time in Australia is over, I am proud to say this blog is not.  I am taking some time to envision the future of makelovetotheworld, and am looking forward to re-launching it by the end of Summer 2015.

Until then, I hope you can bear with my scattered updates so that I can bring you a sleeker design, more helpful travel content from wherever I head and of course a smattering of yummy budget to luxury restaurant reviews!


My name is Kim and I am a twenty-six year old wanderlust-er and self-reflection addict.

From November 5th, 2014 to May 22nd, 2015 I moved to Australia thanks to a subclass 462 work and holiday visa.  From February – July 2010 I studied abroad at the University of New South Wales in Sydney, Australia and have yearned to go back since.

You may have further questions – I attempted to answer them here.

This blog serves as:

  • a way to keep in touch with my friends and family & let them know what I’m getting mixed up in
  • travel recommendations for other wanderlust-ers
  • to inspire
  • for myself, and my own self-reflection


“See the world while you still don’t have a ton of responsibilities” — Johnny Weber